The website’s philosophy : global palpitations

Matteo Giovanetti, Le Charmeur d’Oiseaux,
14Th Century, Palais des Papes d’Avignon

Over the past few years, even in the world’s remotest areas, international life has become a matter of concern to everyone, both those active in it and those affected by it.

So it thus seems necessary to try to understand and discuss what is happening today, the important events and major trends which are taking shape and could prove to be long-lasting.

For those without the necessary tools, we need to provide instruments, basic data, benchmarks and ways of developing understanding and acting. The aim is to educate not teach.

Those who are, or think they are, familiar with the subtleties of the way the “international system” functions must be pushed to the limits of their thinking, given the complexity of the issues at stake and changing nature of the subject.

In any case, no one can consider him/herself to be the sole possessor of the truth, and we will be able to get to the bottom of the realities of the world only if we pool our individual truths, which are by definition piecemeal.

Such an approach requires humanism and solidarity when we communicate with others and openness and receptiveness especially when we are on the receiving end and listening to others.

The major issues of the moment, which will be addressed here, are identified a priori. But for societies as a whole, history is also shaped by upheavals and unexpected events, as demonstrated by the great pandemics; in a positive way it has also told us from time immemorial about the capacity of human beings to overcome the greatest challenges thanks to their adaptability and ability to discover and genius of discovery and invention.

The main themes selected for this site will flow from this. The Nations of Europe, organized together or re-united by geography, culture and history, will not be inward-looking – such an attitude would be futile. They will have to find their place in a world dominated by powerful groups, where emerging powers are already making outstanding progress and where no one should be left by the wayside, both for reasons of humanity and the need to avoid destructive imbalances. The United States, China, Europe and Russia, the Near and Middle East, Africa, the international system, economy, energy resources as well as the environment, education, culture, the arts and sport will be included. The list cannot be exhaustive.

The breadth of the field of knowledge and reflection requires the participation of everyone at all levels of our societies. If this site were destined only to express global palpitations, it would have already achieved a formidable goal.

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