The third Bust of a Pariah state

The third bust of Vladimir P. © PP

          A large-scale Russian attack on the whole Ukraine is under way, and its contours, modalities and ultimate purposes cannot yet be accurately assessed. In any case the worst-case scenario is unfolding before our eyes.

Whatever grievances may be raised against Ukrainian policy over the years, especially since the Maidan revolution, the situation in the Ukrainian Donbass cannot in any way justify a war against an independent and democratic state and against freedom in Europe.

The language justifying the operation is indeed part of the “paranoia” reported by the President of the French Republic. The alleged “genocide” against Russophones and even Ukrainians must in fact be translated into unprovoked « aggression” by the Russian army, the “denazification” of Kiev actually means the will to overthrow the power of a President, moreover of Jewish origin.

The Russian President is actually in the line of the worst characters in history, one of whom had actually committed genocide in Ukraine with the weapon of famine. He already deserves that a third bust be erected alongside illustrious predecessors.

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