The Legend of humiliation


          The Dolchstoßlegende (theory of the stabbing in the back), spread by the extreme right in the Weimar Republic, was an attempt to exonerate the defeated Army in 1918 by attributing the responsibility to civilian population at the back of the front, the Jews, the left-wing political forces and the revolutionaries, such as Rosa Luxemburg.

Without being entirely on the same level, the “Legend of Humiliation” is the result of a long-term propaganda campaign, developed in Russia where it has been emphasized in recent years, and roughly coincident with the country’s current political regime.

This theory generally does not resist facts whenever perceptions, even if they are based on false assertions, must be taken into account as a form of reality.

This legend has in any case until today found its echo in our European societies, in rather educated and favored strata, not very fond of the construction of Europe and rather characterized by a sovereignism narrow and out of time.

In the current context, this language constitutes at least a partial justification for the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. It is therefore necessary to “twist the neck” of this legend because it is false and dangerous. Tomorrow will be another day and still time to reflect again on these “humiliations”, on this stab in the back this time external (…)



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