The common house

Coquelicots d’Asie centrale, peinture sur bois, collection particulière © PP

The initial motivation driving the creation of this website «  Perspectives Europe-Monde » was the will to convey the experience I garnered in international life, serving both the French State and the world of major corporations, which are also strategic players. I am delighted with the initial welcome the site has received, especially among avid students also wishing to take on the big wide world.

It is not a matter of indulging exclusively in recalling and analysing past experiences, but rather it is necessary to adopt a humanist approach, comprised of openness and tolerance, and to foster exchange and communication. 

In this perspective, it is necessary to respect language, or even languages, which are an essential vehicle. The website will therefore be multilingual, to varying degrees. In an apparent paradox, written culture can perfectly accommodate modern-day technologies, such as Internet and image, which today often supersedes this traditional means of expressing thought. This move away from compartmentalisation of the world implies, in turn, a multidisciplinary approach.

Respect of the dignity of individuals, of peoples and of nations whatever their size, concern for independence but also solidarity and liberalism, starting with that of thought (in the sense of 19th century liberal values), the social dimension and reform, dedication to the construction of a vast Europe and unfettered openness to the outside world. These are values and goals that I cannot deny to endorse. 

In this context, the website “Perspectives Europe-Monde” could progressively open its columns to a diversity of expressions, and my ambition is such: that its readers will claim ownership of it and make it their own.

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