The Butchers of Bucha

          After the terror that came from the sky in Ukraine, we discover – what we feared – the absolute horror on the ground that was, and still is, endured in many parts of the country, by civilians, men, women, children and the elderly.

These alleged war crimes, on which the International Criminal Court is already investigating, accentuate the monstrosity of an anachronistic war in the heart of the European continent. The aggression against the freedom and independence of a sovereign State has become in Russian logic and addiction of brute and indiscriminate force an assault on civilization.

In this context, Ukraine cannot lose and its fate is more than ever ours, at all costs. The destiny of nations on the continent is totally identified with that of the whole of Europe. Any withdrawal, division and weakening within each State will result endangering the whole and will have to be banished.

The butchers of Bucha designate a principal responsible and a regime rightly designated as such, in a sadly premonitory announcement. To the resistance and the liberation by arms is added a battle for civilization, that of law and justice, for humanity.

The time for dialogue is over. 

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