Sophie’s Choice, January 6th?

Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice © PP

          A year ago, on January 6, the Capitol events in Washington not only coincided with the creation of 🟦🟪 Perspectives Europe-Monde 🟦🟪 (cf. Le Drame du Capitole: 6 February 1934/ 6 January 2021) but they were an important trigger in a way. The terms then used were “pandemic violence” or “gangrene of democracy”. The historical reference to 6 February 1934 in France was a way of questioning the immunity of European democracies. The climax of anti-parliamentarianism in the United States will not have been fully surpassed until all legal procedures have been completed. 

It was unexpected that the degenerate populism overseas would made school among the extremist forces and today, on the old continent, become a mondain populism, intellectual and tactician who has just burst into a campaign for the presidential election. Between the «trumpian» populism and its false chic and cerebral version presents a new Cornelian choice that will have to be overcome. There is certainly in reality a third way, vigorous but made of reason and search for balance, which will make that in the end the « Choice of Sophie » does not end with that of a vociferous but powerless kind of René Coty.


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