Should we burn Victor Hugo and Tolstoi?

Victor Hugo, street art, Paris © PP

          Is it necessary to burn the author of Notre-Dame de Paris – who herself was the prey of the flames -, to deprive and punish Russians who love and venerate him so much? 

Do Russians have to burn down Tolstoy’s work, like Moscow’s in 1812, because war has prevailed over peace and Anna Pavlovna, Pierre Bezukhov or Prince André express themselves in his major work in French, now the language of the enemy? 

Should we prevent Anna Netrebko, whose name sounds so much Ukrainian, from performing on the most prestigious stages in the world? Should we bar Valery Gergiev, who has Ossetian origins, from conducting the complete symphonies  of Tchaikovsky, as he did Salle Pleyel on the occasion of the Year of Russia in France?

Should we systematically attack the Russian culture and the intelligentsia on which a new Russia might be rebuilt and without which this will not happen?

Can we confuse the most enlightened minds with predatory oligarchs, a sport community where doping has sometimes been institutionalized and a military-industrial complex that is not alone in its kind?

Alexis Venediktov, our very dear friend, decorated with the Legion of Honor, cannot answer us because “Echos of Moscow” (Эхо Москвы)  radio that he animated, the most independent in Russia without however being in a declared opposition to the power, was banned by the latter as well as the Association “Memorial”.

Yes, “Memorial”, let us never forget the victims of Stalinism like the Russian culture.

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