Saint Patrick for Pierre Zakrzewski and all Ukrainians


          On 15 March, Pierre Zakrzewski, who was the correspondent of an American television channel, was killed in the exercise of his duties near Kiev, as well as Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra Kuvshynova, while a British reporter  Benjamin Hall who accompanied them was wounded.

Pierre Zakrzewski was Franco-Irish. His father of Polish origin had been a refugee of World War II, his mother was French, he had sometimes lived with his grandmother in Paris before traveling the world as an eternal backpacker, but he was born in Dublin. 

The Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office seized the matter due to his nationality and launched an investigation for war crimes, in so far as he could have been a deliberate target when he was not a belligerent but fulfilling his duty to inform.

Charming in nature, disarmingly simple, open and playful, he was not able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like all Irish people around the world. He did not see, once again, the city of New York and the Empire State building light up in green but fell at the foot of burnt buildings.

To this tragedy, answers the nightmare experienced by the Ukrainian population – as in the martyred city of Mariupol – also deprived, under the bombs and missiles that target it more and more directly, of joy and color, of life quite simply, and condemned to a black and white film.

Pierre Zakrzewski has been in all theaters of operation in Iraq and Syria in recent years. In Afghanistan, in recent months, he had played a heroic, acclaimed and award-winning role in helping evacuate local personnel from Kabul. 

Let us hope that, as in the legend of his Patron Saint, the sacrifice of his life in the exercise of his passion for information will have shown the way to all those who want to rid Ukraine of all its snakes.


Pierre Zakrzewski

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