Sad August 15

Source: AP


               It will remain the image of a sad August 15 with parody airs of the Capitol. It would be interesting to take a close look at those faces and make sure they are Afghans. We may have other ideas on the issue. 

It is not a question of regretting the end of a military presence that has lasted too long and has not been able to build despite undoubtedly noble intentions whose implementation was out of reach in such an environment.

We must take responsibility and warn those who, through weakness and blindness, already find charms in a movement that has reportedly evolved. The Khmer Rouge in their time had also seduced in a certain press and upscale neighborhoods.

It must be said to the complacent states – who are probably satisfied with a western retreat – that Realpolitik and machiavellian tricks cannot always be guidelines. It is not acceptable, for example, to host such a movement and at the same time make soft power in sport a state policy aiming at global ambitions. We have to designate the principal sponsor of a political project of another age that is actually serving other purposes. All these states will be held accountable.

The Kabul debacle is a major setback for Washington and it will undoubtedly make J. Biden, the last link in a long history, a President totally devalued for the rest of his mandate. There is no reason to rejoice. And it is in these circumstances that the status of Allies of the United States must make sense. This sad August 15 is also our failure vis-à-vis the Afghan people.


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