Repotting Your Life

Frances Edmonds

          The contrast is great obviously between talking about Frances Edmonds and the Soviet Union whose disappearance, 30 years ago, has been extensively discussed in recent weeks, including on the site “Perspectives Europe-Monde”. One passes indeed without transition from Black and White to color but could say, not without a hint of provocation, that her book “Repotting Your Life” has also a revolutionary dimension, a personal one at least.

The discourse of the method of Frances Edmonds can prove to be not only very useful for everyone but also provides an approach to the analysis of the outside world. In any case, the book comes up in due time for the New Year and tomorrow, at least hopefully, for the long-awaited exit of the pandemic. “Repotting Your Life” offers a whole program that answers, apart from these exceptional circumstances, the questions we ask ourselves, or rather that we should tackle, about the course of our personal and professional lives by definition always evolving.


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