Promise at Dawn

Before the year of the Tiger © PP

Perspectives Europe-Monde souhaite à ses lecteurs une Belle Nouvelle Année 2022 !

Perspectives Europe-Monde wishes its readers a Wonderful New Year 2022 !

Perspectives Europe-Monde wünscht seinen Lesern ein Schönes Neues Jahr 2022 !

Перспективы Европа-Монд желает своим читателям Cчастливого Нового года 2022 !

Perspectives Europe-Monde augura ai suoi lettori un Felice Anno Nuovo 2022 !

Perspectives Europe-Monde desea a sus lectores un Hermoso Año Nuevo 2022 !

Perspectives Europe-Monde εύχεται στους αναγνώστες της ένα ευτυχισμένο νέο έτος 2022 ! 

منظورات يوروب-موند تتمنى لقرائها عام جديد سعيد 2022!

Promise at Dawn © PP


    The beginning of a year is a dawn. At this privileged moment, we can think of Romain Gary and his “Promise at Dawn”. It’s the story of a destiny, of all possibilities. From a birth in Vilnius in Lithuania to the heroism of « La France Libre », to diplomacy and a double Prix Goncourt. The most beautiful title is not that of « Compagnon de la  Libération”, decorated by General de Gaulle under the Arc de Triomphe? For destiny is also a clear choice, an iron will and an unwavering optimism.

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