On the rooftops of Moscow

          На крышах Москвы  © PP      


          Not to mention the Brezhnev glaciation, the Moscow winter can be endless and snowfalls sometimes still occur in April or even at the beginning of May. However, temperatures gradually rise at the end of this period. They can still be distinctly negative when, suddenly, unexpectedly, and while they had totally disappeared for many months, some cats make again their appearance on the roofs of the capital still snowy and adorned with stalactites. it is a clear signal heralding better days, not overnight, but in an inevitable way.

It is difficult to tell from a distance what is happening in Kiev, Washington or European capitals, where public discourse remains ambiguous, as it is also equivocal in Moscow. But the alarmist calls that have been heard for weeks about an “impending” attack and the latest announcement by powerful intelligence services, about an invasion of Ukraine today, have fortunately been contradicted by the facts.

The crisis is far from being behind us, but 48 hours ago, we witnessed the surreal scene of a president questioning his Minister of Foreign Affairs on live television, in a pateline manner, on the possibility and relevance of a diplomatic solution. The «always!» (Всегда!) expressed in response by Sergei Lavrov, rocked like a cry from the heart, while for his part the Ambassador of Ukraine in London was talking about the possibility for his country to give up a request for accession to NATO.  Yes, it seems that cats have begun to venture again on the rooftops of Moscow…


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