On the 798 side

          The 798 district in Beijing (Dashanzi 798 Art District) would be a “Beaubourg Center to the power one hundred or thousand” if the Pompidou Museum had really been the “refinery” with which it was sometimes compared.

Today it has become a formidable meeting place, lively and joyful, with an intense creation and it has developed a gigantic, air-partly open, exhibition on a perimeter formerly reserved for heavy industry imported from East Germany.

With communism, whose definition of the USSR was sometimes that of “the Soviets plus electricity”, China has found its own way and it is rediscovering today in hyper-modernity intact creative capacities, those of the origins and always, which give it strength, permanence and multiple abilities in the face of a present full of challenges but offering dizzying opportunities, and an unsuspected future until now.

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