Marina, heroine and kamikaze of the truth


          In an act of kamikaze, Marina Ovsyannikova broke into the evening newspaper “Vremya” of the First Russian TV channel (Первый канал) presented by the famous and irremovable Ekaterina Andreeva, known for her proximity to the Kremlin, to denounce the war in Ukraine.

The word “war” was thus pronounced for the first time on Russian television by an employee of the channel who, being of Ukrainian father and Russian mother, also recalled the number of mixed Russian-Ukrainian families, both in the aggressor country and in the country that is the victim of the invasion.

Marina did not just wave a poster on which was written “No to war, stop the war, do not believe propaganda, here you are lied”. She had preceded her act with a video in which she declared, with grave and impressed eyes, betraying the awareness of the risk incurred: “What is happening in Ukraine is a crime, and Russia is the aggressor. The responsibility for the aggression lies with one man: Vladimir Putin. Unfortunately, for the past few years, I’ve been working for Channel One. I’ve been doing Kremlin propaganda and I am very ashamed of it – that I let people lie  from TV screens and allowed the Russian people to be zombified. Now the whole world has turned away from us, and 10 generations of our descendants won’t wash off this fratricidal war”.

For this unimaginable act, a sort of September 11 in a reverse way for truth and good, Marina faces up to fifteen years in prison under the new law that criminalises acts such as  “discrediting the Russian armed forces” and spreading “fake news”. Mother of two, she’s a heroine, our heroine.

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