Lionel Messi, the Parisian Titi

L’Equipe Newspaper, 12 August 2021

Le Parc des Princes has already become the home of o single Prince, before he even stepped on the pitch in a competition. So let us welcome, wish happiness and great sporting successes to Lionel Messi and his family, in Paris where the Argentinians are also naturally home and currently a real colony in the PSG team.

Qatar’s major projects in sport are already about to achieve a major fulfillment. The Football World Cup that the country will host in 2022 will find an additional legitimacy.

For French sport, the planets have just lined up after the baton was passed from Tokyo 2020 to Paris 2024. France must realize that it is often blessed and draw additional motivations from it.

The Prince of the Parc, a kid from Rosario like Angel di Maria, makes us understand all this, with his simplicity, his intelligence and his look of Parisian Titi.

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