France must participate in Beijing Olympic Games 2022

Asian Games © PP

          The President of the French Republic must announce now that he will represent his country at the Beijing Olympic Games in February 2022 and several reasons dictate this announcement.

We have to respect the spirit of the Games that were originally conceived, from the Olympiads of ancient Greece, as a truce. There is no indication today that we are in conflict with the organizing country. Disputes, if there are differences, must be resolved by other means without holding the sporting community and entire populations as hostages.

The organization of the Games is not only the work of leaders but of an entire nation. The admirable work of tens of thousands of volunteers often makes the Games a success. These involve considerable investment, a drain on collective wealth and this must be respected.

France, the country of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, is in a way the depositary of the Tables of Law and must contribute to preserving this common legacy of humanity. It will also host the next Summer Games in Paris in 2024 and its policy must be one of total openness to the world. 

The President of the French Republic will therefore have to be in Beijing for the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Games, as was his predecessor for the Beijing 2008 Games.

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