Fotos of Ze Day (5): The Heart of the Heart

Forbidden City, Beijing © PP

          The Winter Olympic Games are opening today in Beijing in a context of great international tensions and not yet in a post-pandemic phase. Let us wish them great success because the Games remain the Games, an incomparable moment, a truce in the best tradition of antiquity. Let us be assured that the athletes will show their best and we can also trust the host country for its perfect organization. Let us express the hope that China, despite the extreme precautions that will be taken for mainly sanitary reasons – and this led to qualify these Games already before their opening as «sanitized» -, can show not only considerable capacities but also the heart of itself, sometimes hidden or unknown.

In the Forbidden City, even at the height of summer, up to 500,000 visitors a day discover one of the most impressive places of power and civilization in the world, is a preserved space that was always reserved for the imperial family and the descendants of the last emperor Pu-Yi, made famous by the film of Bernardo Bertolucci. The ultimo imperatore acceded to the throne at the age of two du to the choice of the dowager empress Ci-Xi, one of the greatest reformer of China. This quiet place, which contrasts with the hubbub of visitors, and green, has become a charitable Foundation where the history of China appears in its continuum. The heart of the heart of the empire holds the best and projects us into past and future centuries.

Heart of the Heart 1 © PP

Heart of the Empire 2 © PP

Heart of the Heart 3 © PP

Heart of the Heart 4 © PP

Heart of the Heart 5 © PP

Heart of the Heart 6 © PP

Preserved and hidden © PP

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