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The predatory and stifling Oligarchy

  Inside the “poor power”, there are Russians like Croesus. What Elena Lenina published more than fifteen years ago is still relevant and allows, with the eye of an entomologist, to better identify profiles of a species – which by definition is rare – is far from being endangered (…)

The International Community (2/3): New York campaigns and battles

The mood was more than gloomy in New York City, along the East River, in the late 1980s. More than the financial crisis that hit the World Organization, the most serious was the crisis of confidence that often came from its own ranks. Why the UN? asked both delegates and international officials who doubted their mission while the Security Council was totally paralyzed (…)

This deleterious climate changed almost overnight as the dark clouds of the Cold War dissipated (…)

The Concert of Bosra

Summer, out of confinement, is marked in Europe by music festivals: the great tradition of Salzburg and Bayreuth; Glyndebourne, a green and elegant setting in Sussex; the piano at La Roque d’Antheron, Aix-en-Provence, another posthumous homeland of Mozart, jazz in Nice or the impressive wall of the Théâtre antique d’Orange (…)

A power and a civilization are really imposed in the long term only by the seduction that they exercise, is it not eternal maestro Riccardo Muti? (…)

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