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Journal of Ukraine and Russia

Journal of Ukraine and Russia – Crises and the evolution of the international system, prefaced by Professor Charles Zorgbibe, is the work of a practitioner of international relations.

If we are to look at recent international crisis, particularly starting with Afghanistan, we need to take some distance, put into perspective, and try to identify what affects the international system as a whole.

The personalities mentioned are not distant abstractions, the events and interests at stake concern each person living today in a globalized world (…)

What if Emmanuel Macron named Marine Le Pen to Matignon?

The electoral tsunami of the second round of the recent French parliamentary elections must be put into perspective. The situation certainly seems blocked in the absence of an absolute majority in the National Assembly and a serious prospect of forming a «German» grand coalition. Nevertheless, the centre of gravity of the political debate has shifted to the House, and that can be viewed in a rather positive light (…)

Romanian lands: at the crossroads of forgotten Europe

The visits, at the end of its European Presidency, of the President of the French Republic to Romania and Moldova as well as to Ukraine in the company of the German Chancellor, the Italian Prime Minister and the Romanian President for the latter destination, cannot be dissociated, but the different stages also have their specificity. If the Romanian lands have indeed become the western flank of a major conflict, it was also time that they were considered for themselves (…)

The virtues of neutrality

  In these times of war, heavy threats in various theaters of operation, strengthening of military budgets, reconstitution and even enlargement of alliances for security, does the concept of neutrality still have any meaning? What are its possible virtues? (…)

Germany: time for a big shift

The abandonment of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, the move towards a reduction in energy dependence on Russia and even more the supply of weapons – for the first time since the second world war – to a country at war as well as the announcement of the creation of a Fund of 100 billion euros to finance the rearmament, have appeared , in recent weeks, as profound changes of the German policy. These major decisions were obviously largely determined by the war in Ukraine but they are not only its consequence. The creation of a new coalition in Germany bringing together Social Democrats, Liberals and the Greens, after the last general elections in the Bundestag, is also at the origin of such developments. In this context, is it not premature to talk about a major shift in Germany in relation to the policies pursued for decades? (…)

Pavlovian anti-Americanism

Like the reflex of the same qualifier, Pavlovian anti-Americanism is always present. Against the backdrop of war in Ukraine, where the future of the European continent is at stake, some people prefer to turn their darts in the direction of the «US control over Europe» as the ultimate outcome of an «old dream of domination» (…)

The victory of meritocracy

A woman, for the second time only in the history of the Fifth Republic – and we can regret this rarity -, has just been appointed head of the French government. We must wish her well. A pupil of the Nation, a scholarship recipient, has completed a prestigious course of the Ecole Polytechnique to the head of large companies, to ministerial responsibilities and the Hotel Matignon. In a sharp contrast with profiles including a passage almost obligatory by the National School of Administration, a more scientific path is thus brought to the spotlight in these anachronistic and troubled times (…)

Elysian fields

  The “fields of happiness”, sung by Homer in the Odyssey and Virgil in the Aeneid, are the home of those who have the favor of gods and enjoy eternal life: « everywhere you can feel the zephyrs whose whistling breezes rise from the ocean to give freshness to human beings” (…)

Putin’s Breviary

Russian media, well-known relays of Kremlin propaganda in European and Western societies, have recently had to cease their activities. This late decision, on which we can even question ourselves with regard to the principles and rules of democracy, did not in any case prevent a thorough work of propaganda and manipulation. It has been developing for years and has ended up permeating many minds, including and perhaps even especially in educated circles (…)

The Butchers of Bucha

After the terror that came from the sky in Ukraine, we discover – what we feared – the absolute horror on the ground that was, and still is, endured in many parts of the country, by civilians, men, women, children and the elderly (…)

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