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The Empire of Lies

  The late President Ronald Reagan called the USSR the “evil empire”. Today we should be talking about the “Empire of Lies”. In his endless diatribe justifying his decision to recognize the independence of two entities of the Ukrainian Donbass, Vladimir Putin questioned the very creation of Ukraine by Lenin. The Russian President is in fact in the filiation of the latter that Alexander Solzhenitsyn had called an “evil character” (…)

Дом Игумнов, the Common House

Since 1938, the Igoumnov House (Дом Игумнов) is the Residence of France in Moscow. Former mansion of a rich merchant in the nineteenth century, located on Bolshaya Iakimanka street in the historic district of Zamoskvoretche, it is of a «Russian style» – which succeeded the neoclassical constructions after the fire of 1812 – and now rare in the capital and at the same time the symbol of the French presence in Russia (…)

Fotos of Ze Day (5): The Heart of the Heart

The Winter Olympic Games are opening today in Beijing in a context of great international tensions and not yet in a post-pandemic phase. Let us wish them great success because the Games remain the Games, an incomparable moment, a truce in the best tradition of antiquity. Let us be assured that the athletes will show their best and we can also trust the host country for its perfect organization. Let us express the hope that China, despite the extreme precautions that will be taken for mainly sanitary reasons – and this led to qualify these Games already before their opening as «sanitized» -, can show not only considerable capacities but also the heart of itself, sometimes hidden or unknown (…)

Fotos of Ze Day (4): Rajah and Dersu

  On this first day of the Year of the Tiger, it was natural to visit Radjah and honour him. Like all white tigers, its lineage comes from the same breeding of a maharajah in India. But crosses then occurred with tigers from Amur and Ussuri (…)

Fotos of Ze Day (3): Light of Sound

Light has sometimes been transcribed by sound. Let us try modestly to express music through the pictures. 
Vier letzte Lieder: Frühling, September, Beim Schlafengehen, Im Abendrot…

Fotos of Ze Day (2): Pamir, thirty years ago, one thousand years ago

Pamir, an orographic and mountainous node unique in the world between Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and China, and somewhat on the fringes of the Silk Roads during Antiquity, preserves the most glaciers on the planet outside the poles. Marco Polo was the first European to mention it in the 13th century. Ambassador Serge Smessow brought back pictures dating from the end of the Soviet Union. Despite its remoteness, will it again be at the heart of a “Great Game”?

Fotos of Ze Day (1): Between Sea and Mountains

The site «Perspectives Europe-Monde» attaches importance to visual expression, one of the characteristics of contemporary culture. Apart from the publication of virtual albums on specific topics in his “Photography” section, he will now select a few snapshots at varying intervals, which will be grouped under the title “Fotos of Ze Day”. The first mini-series of pictures taken on 23 January is entitled: between sea and mountain.

Ridge lines, impressions

Ridge lines. An initiatory journey in twelve pictures: Impression Haze, Götterdämmerung, Mist, Turmoil, Adventure, Tierra salvaje, Défi, Puissance, Soffio, Heat, Abendlicht….

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