An American woman in Paris

          Kamala Harris will be in Paris for the first time this week, in her capacity as Vice President of the United States. She will be received by the President of the Republic and will participate with him, senior political figures, especially from countries of the South, as well as with eminent representatives of the civil society, in the 4th edition of the Paris Forum.

This trip is important and Paris will offer her a gallery to address the major themes of the moment. Global governance about digital transition, restoration of global mobility, socio-economic impact of the pandemic, or new perspectives for international cooperation, will indeed be on the agenda of the Forum. 

In a hesitant America, still prey to the ravages and aberrations of «Trumpism», Kamala Harris projects an image of energy, optimism and attachment to the American values we are sharing. By its origins and its Californian career, especially as State Prosecutor, she also embodies the future of a country and more globally of a world more focused than ever on the Asia-Pacific zone. Welcome to Kamala Harris that Paris will certainly very much love (…)


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