Alizé et Gaël, a very beautiful France

Alizé cornet and Gaël Monfils at the 2022 Australian Open (Source: L’Équipe)

     Sport is of course nowadays more than sport. The biggest events are globalized and this is the case of the Australian Open, one of the four tennis tournaments of the so-called Grand Slam.

In the extreme southern heat of Melbourne, Alizé Cornet and Gaël Monfils have distinguished themselves not only because they have just reached the quarter-finals of the competition, a first for Alizé in 63 attempts in the Grand Slam and after she won during this tournament against two former double Grand Slam Winners, but also by displaying an array of qualities beyond the sport.

Courage, endurance, faith in herself combined with a fiery temper of Alizé, physical stature, inventiveness and the ability to make the show of Gaël make us proud. These two champions lead us in their own way to the path of legitimate ambitions. What they achieved is already a victory and they embody a very beautiful France.

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