A Time for Lifting Lockdown

Parc national des Pyrénées © PP

This website begins in a time of lockdown that seems to drag on for-ever, but it would be safe to believe that it preexisted, almost unbeknownst to us, in a variety of symptoms even before the Coronavirus crisis. In any event, there is every reason to be optimistic. Immense and yet unexplored fields exist in both space and the long time of History, without having to exclusively consider the formidable adventure of the rover Perseverance on planet Mars.

The Vendée Globe is a reminder of this: the southern seas are not just a mystery, a source of dread as in the “Roaring Forties” and onwards to the Antarctic, but they are also the cantor of an Ode to Joy. For all, the practice of sport is always accessible in a broad number of disciplines; it has a value in its own right, and it is not dissociated from the highest intellectual activities, as shown in a complex report analysed by the champion Guillaume Martin in Socrate à Vélo (Socrates on a bike). Our perception of things must not be reduced to a few chaotic months or even years, a process repeated time and again in History. This can be ten thousand years for a nation or perhaps even a million years in the case of Syria, the setting for the book Syrie : Mémoire et Civilisation (Syria: Recollection and Civilisation).

These are the main themes broached in the first series of publications on this website, which will endeavour to position us on our continent and in a fascinating relationship with the world, beyond the tribulations and upheavals of our societies, for challenges have always been a source of progress. Humanist inspiration, light, perspectives and optimism are the guiding principles.

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