A special day

The speech of an Ambassador

Visit of the President of the French Republic to the United Kingdom, painting at the French Embassy in Lon-don

July 14 is above all the National Day of all French people. It is thus celebrated throughout the Republic as well as in all French Embassies abroad. It is a reminder of the history of France and the values that make the identity of its citizens and motivate them both in their personal and professional lives.

July 14 is a reference to the French Revolution and the unity of the Nation highlighted during the Feast of the Federation of 1790. The Third Republic made it the National Day in 1880. It is therefore a Feast of the French Republic.

This is why the French Embassies strive to welcome the greatest number of French at a re-ception that is traditionally a solemn and festive moment at the same time. This celebration allows compatriots to meet and also to associate their partners and friends.

In the hexagon, as overseas or abroad, the message is one of openness to the world. Beyond the international dimension of companies in today’s world, which reinforces this orientation, it is a question of expressing the more or less conscious ambition to participate in a vast enter-prise beyond individual destinies. The message is that of attention to all potentialities and the promotion of global interests.

Abroad, it is a matter of affirming the ambition to succeed first because we need it for our own development. But it is also necessary to be aware of what we can bring: a work, a know-how, the qualities of our achievements, a long-term commitment, a demanding friendship. Without hy-pocrisy, we must affirm our objective of defending interests, but proceed in a spirit of openness, respect and sharing and with the conviction of mutual benefit.

The spirit of July 14 is made up of joyful enthusiasm and great projects on a long and fruitful path. So it’s not just a ceremonial event, it’s the big celebration of a particular day.

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