100th Anniversary : Heaven And Earth

Photograph: Temple of Heaven, Beijing ©️ PP

On 1 July China celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist party, actually founded on 23 July. It counts just under 100 million members, representing much less than 10% of its population.

As the backbone of the State, it is not necessarily the most visible aspect of the country for an outside observer, who first and foremost sees power, prosperity and the beauty of an immense civilisation. The proverb according to which you have not known power until you discover Beijing, wealth until you see the vision of Shanghai and the feeling of love until you arrive at Chongqing, bears some grain of truth.

All of this is the square of the earth surmounted by the circle of heaven, just like the Temple bearing the same name. This means that in a thousand-year-old history things must constantly be put into perspective. The once-wretched China of 30 years ago is no longer, and that is fortunate. Everything remains fragile in a country where there are no small problems, an observation that is also valid for today’s world.

Therefore, this 100th anniversary can only prompt us to express Wishes of prosperity, which are also addressed to ourselves, in a world that should consist of great balances and respect.

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